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Unlike many online and regular stores, if you are not 100% satisfied with your quality product, you can return it within 90 calendar days and get back all the money paid, and you will not have to pay for the return of the furniture, we will pick it up by our transport free of charge. The following conditions must be met when returning the goods: The Product must be undamaged by the Buyer; The returned goods must be in the same configuration as received by the Buyer; The money is returned only to the bank account specified by the customer by transfer. Return of goods of appropriate quality shall be carried out in accordance with the procedure provided for in Articles 6.228-10 and 6.228-11 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania. 24 months quality guarantee UAB "Hovden" provides the Buyer with a quality and properly functioning product, provided that the furniture has been used for its intended purpose.

General conditions.    

1.UAB HOVDEN provides a 24-month warranty for furniture.
2.The warranty period starts from the date of delivery of the goods.    
3.Quantitative or qualitative discrepancies identified during the warranty period shall be rectified, completed or replaced by the manufacturer at his own expense.    The warranty covers defects in the quality of the goods caused by the fault of the manufacturer.    
4.The guarantee is provided only upon presentation of at least one of the following documents: invoice, cash receipt, warranty card.
5. Please inform the point of sale where you purchased the furniture or the company's e-mail about the observed defect during the use of the furniture: quality@hovden.lt
6. UAB HOVDEN undertakes to eliminate the production defect within 28 working days from the registration of the claim in the company. In exceptional cases, the manufacturer reserves the right to extend this period.
7. After the Seller has checked and determined that the claims regarding the quality or assembly of the goods are justified, the Buyer has the right to demand from the manufacturer at his choice:
7.1. to eliminate defects of the product free of charge;
7.2. by agreement of both parties (buyer and seller) to reduce the price of the goods accordingly;
8. The manufacturer is not responsible for product defects that were discussed at the time of purchase or that the buyer knew or should have known when purchasing the furniture (furniture from the exhibition, furniture with defects, residual furniture that will no longer be produced). The warranty does not cover the fabrics of furniture made from residual fabrics. The guarantee does not cover furniture with the status of "prototype".
9. When accepting furniture:
9.1. Check their configuration.
9.2. Inspect the exterior of furniture (fabrics, decorative wood color, etc.) for visible mechanical damage or other defects.
10. When buying furniture or other goods from the exposition, the buyer undertakes to inspect the purchased goods, and if he notices the defects of the goods, to express his claims regarding the defects before the purchase. If the buyer does not make a claim for defects in the goods purchased from the exhibition during the pre-purchase inspection, the defects shall be deemed not to have existed or the defects have been discussed. Claims regarding the quality of the goods (external scratches, tears, breakages and other damages caused by transportation / assembly / carrying due to the actions of the buyer after acceptance of the goods) are not accepted from the buyer after collection of the goods from the Seller.
11. The buyer loses the right to free warranty service in the following cases: 1
1.1. Does not provide documents proving the purchase of furniture;
11.2. The buyer did not comply with the rules of operation and maintenance of the furniture; the goods have been transported, misused or damaged through the fault of the buyer.
11.3. The furniture suffered from "force majaure" (circumstances of force majeure);
11.4. The furniture was filled with water or other liquid;
11.5. Furniture hit animals;
11.5. The furniture has been repaired by the buyer or third parties;
11.6. Upholstery fabric, leather or faux leather has suffered from improper cleaning procedures.

Natural characteristics are not considered to be a defect in the quality of goods:
12.1. Differences in hardness levels of individual upholstered furniture elements as a result of design decisions.
12.2. Natural wear and tear of the product or change in its properties, e.g. stretching of the fabric, artificial or natural leather, looseness, abrasion at the seams, skin luster. In the seated parts, light folds may form from the fabric during use, which is a consequence of stretching and is not a defect in the material.
12.3. Deviation of color differences. Color differences between the sample at the time of purchase and the final product may vary. Due to the dyeing technology, there is no absolute guarantee that the color of the sample will exactly match the color of the final product.
12.4. Characteristics of genuine leather (e.g., scratches, scars, insect bites, graininess, differences in texture and softness hardness).
12.5. The skin tone of individual products may vary slightly. Differences in texture, scratches, scars or insect bites on the skin, certain graininess that occurs outside of production, are natural properties of the skin. When using furniture for a long time, the skin tone and gloss may change, the looseness of the leather upholstery may occur, which is also the natural properties of the leather.
12.6. Smell of leather or eco leather.
12.7. Inequalities in the texture and shade of natural wood.