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             ABOUT US

For more than 70 years, Hovden has delivered furniture to Nordic homes. Our sofas are still made by hand, and the work is characterized by good quality, carefully selected materials and attention to details.
We combine modern design with established tradition and set a requirement that our furniture should be a safe and good buy at reasonable prices. The furniture is manufactured by skilled craftsmen in Plunge, Northwest of Lithuania. The work is carried out at our own, privately owned factory. This ensures good working conditions, proper equipment and an environmentally friendly production.
All our furniture is prepared individually by the customer's choice of model, fabric, wood and color. We work with fabrics and leather. The covers are sewn by accurate templates. Frames of wood are put together and clamped with nozag springs. The best quality high resilience foams are cut and glued with water based glue. Each piece of furniture approved by own quality inspector before it is packed in recyclable materials and shipped with specialized furniture transport out to our customers.
A good sofa will be pretty to look at, great to sit in and withstand long-term use. However, it is difficult to choose the right sofa. Proper selection requires knowledge of furniture and reliable producer. Furniture is our business, and we have accumulated knowledge through more than 70 years of design and production. Hovden furniture guarantees you a quality sofa in good Scandinavian design - we want to make it easy for you to choose the right sofa.
As the Hovden Furniture rounds more than 70 years of history, we have combined the current comfort requirements with the timeless, functional, formal and simple Scandinavian style. We hope to have created furniture that everyone will feel like at home!.